Vital Group

Vital Group had a very humble beginning as a small tea company that began its operations in 1991. Their value-oriented approach towards business has been very well received by the communities who they serve. Thus, within a short period, they have become one of the largest tea companies in the country. They are one of the national companies that exports tea to lands other than Pakistan.

Project Status

  • Census Completed through Android App
  • Benchmarking Completed through Android App
  • Order Taking By Mobile App Executed in Lahore
  • Creation of Invoices, dispatches through web portal
  • Invoice payments, returns and settlemen

Implementation Solution

  • JYA Sales Pro - Real Time Secondary Sales and Distribution System

Secondary Sales Distribution Challenges

  • No Visibility of Available stocks in Market at distribution and retail level
  • No Benchmarking
  • No Availability of planning statistics and Analysis
  • No Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure

Proposed Solution

  • Customized Secondary Sales Distribution System
  • N-Model based distribution and retail access
  • Real Time Android and Web based data gathering
  • Secure 24/7 Data Center availability
  • Sales and Distribution analytical reports
  • SMART Dashboards
  • Training of Management and Sales staff

Benefits delivered

  • Restructured Sales Approach
  • Real Time Geographical Visibility of total Outlets in Pakistan
  • Real Time Geographical Visibility of Order booker outlet visits
  • Real Time access of Sale numbers to National Sales Managers
  • Locked monthly, quarterly and yearly sale targets at saleman level
  • Tensionless, secure and smooth operations of 24/7 functional Data Center
  • Healthy working conditions