Tehzeeb (The BKRY)

Tahzeeb is a culture, tradition, lifestyle, and class of twin cities in Pakistan, with a legacy of more than 100 years. The bakery is exceedingly popular among society’s elites including Presidents, Prime Ministers, Ambassadors even Royal Prince, Kings, Queens, and their families visiting Pakistan from all around the world. We believe in sharing love, happiness, and making this world a better place.

A family Owned business started out before Partition as – Shalimar Bakers. Later, they took the brand of Rahat Bakers – One of the leading brands of Conventional bakery items in Pakistan, However, they branded themselves again with new beginning as Tahzeeb Bakers.

They have their branches in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Their identity is the most delicious and best bakery food items such as Pizza, Salads and other stuff. When people look for quality and taste, the only choice they come up with is Tahzeeb.

Project Status

  • Project – in implementation process

Implementaion Solution

    The frame work of task includes:
  • Development of Human Resource Functional Department from scratch to professionally capable functional department (A to Z)
  • Implementation of Human Resource Management System – JYA HRMS

HR Challenges

    The challenges in development and implementation of JYA HRMS:
  • Structure brands, divisions, department and function throughout supply chain of manufacturing and network of branches…
  • Develop Human Resource Information System with relevant master data linked with polices and standardization of policy documents i.e. Annexures, forms etc…
  • Develop functional Human Resources Department
  • Human Resources department Policies and Procedures
  • Management and Workers Inhouse Training
  • Paradigm shift in Culture – Across departments and branches…

Proposed Solution

    We proposed solution with following key features:
  • Alignment of Vision, Mission and Values of the Company with functional departments
  • Development of Human Resources Department from A to Z
  • Quarterly and yearly review of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Evaluation of functional departments
  • Communication of Policies and procedures with Management staff and Workers
  • Implement JYA HRMS Modules:
    • General Human Resource data collection and mechanism for structuring HR in organization through Master Data- Organogram (Management as well as workers linked with their skill levels as per Govt. Pakistan standardized wage board categories)- Develop mechanism of Policies linked with their Standard Operation System (SOP’s), Standardized document numbering system, flow of document across brands, divisions, departments and functions- Reporting line
      • as per Brands, Divisions, Departments and functions
      • Cross departmental responsibility shares
      • Case study – in case of new joining at senior position or senior position stagnation/separation.
    • Recruitment & Selection linked with Website-CV collection-emailing to desired functional department for shortlisting- PSCHCYO MATRIC TEST- collection of data by HR department- Call for interviews- Interview evaluation sheet- comparison of evaluation sheet with standard prospective candidate profile- Shortlisting for offer- Offer letter- Appointment letter- Joining.
    • Performance Appraisal of Management employees linked with their KPI’s- Employee self assessment- Employee supervisor assessment- accumulation of data- Training need assessment linked with Performance Evaluation process- Retrieval of data function, department, division and Company wide- Linked with Annual Increments.
    • Training & Development of Management employees- Training need assessment linked with performance evaluation- Segregation of data as per tentative training plan for technical as well as non-technical training at site or from third party training agencies- Link inhouse training material to be retrieved by employees on their android mobile at their ease- fill in questionnaire by employees and evaluation of answers for grading- link training videos with inhouse training requirements to be retrieved by employee on their android mobile at their ease- fill in questionnaire by employees and evaluation of answers for grading- Annual training assessment as per grades of employees took training on line through JYA HRMS application- Link assessment with appraisal system for annual increments and other appreciation models.
    • Compensation and Benefits structure based on standardized job analysis on task basis, job evaluation on benchmark basis and job description on collection of data on task basis and industry benchmark data- leveling positions on internal grading, levels and designations at scale- Position costing link with no. of employees at each grade for actual and budget cost of HR- Govt. Institutional deductions/participations linked with monthly Payroll System- automated deductions and additions as per policies for medical reimbursements etc…
    • Attendance system on machine, web as well as android with geo coordinates to facilitate the attendance mechanism further justify the attendance of meetings outside the office premises as well as calculation of TADA.
    • Project management on web as well as android to facilitate users to update the status on daily worksheet linked with task accumulating into projects status.
  • Development of Company Handbook
  • Training of Management staff and Workers
    • Introduction of One month initial training of workers at the start of their job before induction into work force at floor level.
    • Supervisor training Program for graduate level employees with hands on training at training department before induction into lines at floor.
    • Management training Program for qualifies professionals with rotation plan in all departments on monthly basis with preferred training in specialized department for three six months to be future leaders…

Benefits delivered

    The benefits to be delivered:
  • Structured workforce with specific job description and visibility of their role in future of business development.
  • Identification of key performance individuals and their retention plan.
  • Auto mechanism of developing new entrants with identified key role and visibility of successful career path.
  • Employer branding with satisfied employee feedback and employee market reach…
  • Functional Human Resources Department benchmarkedwith industrial good practices
  • Aligned departmental procedures by fostering culture of accountability.
  • Locked quarterly and yearly KPI’s of functional departments
  • Use of Technology to gather and retrieve date on finger tips…