Star Fabrics

Star Fabrics has been serving the textile industry for the last two decades. Star Fabrics is renowned for its quality, which has always been a benchmark for others. Star Fabrics offers a wide range of products to its customers. The range includes different constructions of woven fabric (such as Satins, Jacquards, Poplin and sheeting), made ups and bed linen in all forms like grey, dyed and print.

Project Status

  • Implementation Stage

Scope Of Work

  • Developmentof Human Resources Department from A to Z (As per need & Company Scope of Work capacity)
  • Implement Android & Web based real time JYA HRMS Solution

HR Challenges

  • Development and Communication of Vision, Mission & Value
  • Develop functional Human Resources Department
  • Human Resources department Policies and Procedures
  • Management and Workers File System Provision

Proposed Solution

  • Complete Human Resources department Outsourcing including Restructing
  • Company wide Job analysis, Job evaluation & Job description
  • Develop company wide standard operating procedures for communication among departments
  • Real-time Visibility of HR Operations through JYAHRMS -
  • Efficient Payroll Processing & Attendence Management

Benefits delivered

  • Delivered functional Human Resources Department benchmarked with industrial good practices
  • Aligned departmental procedures by fostering culture of accountability and responsibility
  • Locked quarterly and yearly KPI's of functional departments
  • Counseling of Management staff and Workers
  • Healthy working conditions