Shafi Reso-Chem Pvt. Limited

SRC is a member of SiddiqShafi Group. With over 60 years of industrial experience, they are focused on delivering innovative and technology based solutions while maintaining its commitment to honesty & consistency. SRC leading portfolio of specialty chemicals delivers a broad range of technology based products and solutions to clients for Leather, Shoe, Textile, Adhesive, Water Treatment and Fruit Preservation. They have extensive portfolio of over 350 products.

Project Status

  • Census Completed through Android App
  • Benchmarking Completed through Android App
  • Order Taking By Mobile App Executed in Lahore

Implementation Solution

  • JYA Sales Pro - Real Time Secondary Sales and Distribution System

Secondary Sales Distribution Challenges

  • No Visibility of Available stocks in Market at distribution and retail level
  • No Benchmarking
  • No Sales Structure
  • No Routing Plans
  • No Availability of planning statistics and Analysis
  • No Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure

Proposed Solution

  • Customized Secondary Sales Distribution System
  • N-Model based distribution and retail access
  • Real Time Android and Web based data gathering
  • Secure 24/7 Data Center availability
  • Sales and Distribution analytical reports
  • SMART Dashboards
  • Training of Management and Sales staff

Benefits delivered

  • Restructured Sales Approach
  • Established Permanent Journey Plans region wise
  • Real Time Geographical Visibility of total Outlets in Pakistan
  • Real Time access of Sale numbers to National Sales Managers
  • Locked monthly, quarterly and yearly sale targets at saleman level
  • Tensionless, secure and smooth operations of 24/7 functional Data Center
  • Healthy working conditions