Ahmad Jamal Textile Mills

Ahmad Jamal Textile Mills is the dyeing and finishing facility for shirts and suiting fabrics. They offer a variety of innovative solutions for fashion dresses commonly used in South Asia and Middle Eastern markets. The facility is located in Faisalabad, Pakistan.

Project Status

  • Complete and Delivered

Implementation Solution

  • HR Department , Development - A to Z

HR Challenges

  • Worker Management Council
  • Develop functional Human Resources Department
  • Human Resources department Policies and Procedures
  • Management and Workers Inhouse Training

Proposed Solution

  • Alignment of Vision, Mission and Values of the Company with functional departments
  • Development of Human Resources Department from A to Z
  • Quarterly and yearly review of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Evaluation of functional departments
  • Communication of Policies and procedures with Management staff and Workers
  • Development of Company Handbook
  • Training of Management staff and Workers

Benefits delivered

  • Delivered functional Human Resources Department benchmarked with industrial good practices
  • Aligned departmental procedures by fostering culture of accountability
  • Locked quarterly and yearly KPI's of functional departments
  • Counseling of Management staff and Workers
  • Healthy working conditions

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